Personal Media eBook

The M2ebook™: A Personal Ebook Creation Experience

By Jared Rosen, CEO, DreamSculpt Media, Inc.

Beyond the social media revolution – we also have been experiencing a personal media revolution. Personal media devices such as smart phones and tablets have become our friends. We take them to dinner when we are a table for one. They are our 24-7 connection to the world. Besides being a real-time receiver for information they are our global broadcasting device. In an instant or Instagram, we can broadcast a video message around the globe. We are no longer just the consumers of media – we are becoming the producers of media ourselves. The lines between personal media and mass media are beginning to fade.

More and more people are discovering that others want to know what they have to say and they are thinking of their own ‘personal brand.’ They are beginning to think of personal media strategies. This can be overwhelming. Do you start an internet-radio show, blog or create YouTube videos? How do you present your distinction in an oversaturated market? Many feel they need to write a book to position their intellectual capital in the marketplace.

M2ebook Personal eBook Publishing

The M2ebook stands for Media-to-e-book, and is a media hybrid tool designed to deliver your personal media assets into a smartly designed mini-edition e-book delivered across the web and mobile devices. The M2ebook is a kind of ‘children’s book for professionals’ – less pages, less words on a page, more images and cool video and audio clips. The M2ebook experience is fluid with 30-60 second video clips sequenced inside the book designed to give the reader/viewer a direct experience with the author, seminar leader, coach or consultant in a succinct way. It is the ideal ‘Personal Media Book” for Personal Brand presentation and positioning.

Create Visually Appealing, Media-Rich, Mini-Edition e-Versions of Paper Books

Additionally, the M2ebook is a highly effective tool for book promotion. DreamSculpt can take a 200-page non-fiction book and distill the ideas down to a 20-page text, image and video e-book format. This engages the reader/viewer in real substance instead of scrolling sales letters with urgent messaging or turnkey book trailers made with cheap effects. The M2ebook presents the most compelling ideas from an author’s book in an authentic, ‘social media friendly’ way.

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