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Personal Media Vision Consult

Explore the most optimal way to position yourself and your product using cutting edge media hybrid tools. This session will help you refine your messaging, realize the best titles for your product and leave you with a 360 vision of your personal media brand.

97.00 (twenty minute consult):  Please pick a 30 minute slot and send us links to info about yourself, business, book project, etc. You can email

Jared Rosen is the founder of DreamSculpt Media, Inc., author of two critically acclaimed books, and innovator in digital publishing. As a vision catalyst he consults for global business leaders, best-selling authors and film producers.

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DreamSculpt Media, Inc. appreciates our Associate Partner for referring you to our website! We want to help you realize your creative vision and develop a distinctive media product.

  • Authors – create a unique media-ebook preview for your book
  • Publishers – revive backlist books with new media-ebook editions
  • Film Makers – create a media ebook with clips of your film and vital information
  • Organizations – create compendium of guest authors to support your initiatives
  • Seminar leaders, coaches, radio show hosts ask us how we can serve you

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